DS & Associati


A clear way to deliver informations

DS & Associato is a legal firm based in Rome. The homepage is ofter the first contact with your visitors: this is why we’ve summed up all the main informations on the legal firm within the box layout just below the header image. In this way, all potential client will be able to find the informations they’re looking for in a minute.

A website like this is clearly reading-oriented, so we focused on readability, choosing the best fonts and sizing them correctly for desktop and mobile devices.

Well known for results

DS & Associati wanted to create real archives for their cases, with searchable and filtrable data. Thus, we created two well designed section to address their request, with easy to use editing forms with built-in instructions so that the firm team can add, update or delete entries by its own, without the need for our extra help! They just have to:

  • Fill the forms with the right data
  • Upload the PDFs and other documents, if needed
  • Click “Publish” and done!