Vivi Bistrot


A sewn on automated solution

Vivi Bistrot is a famous chain of bio bistrot in Rome, Italy. From the original creation of the website in 2017 to its current version in 2021, we managed to research top-notch solutions providing ad-hoc functionalities, specifically built to the unique needs of this network of businesses. With the last update, we brought online the delivery and takeaway service, which turned out a success!

The Vivi Bistrot website uses our Vivi Stores Delivery & Take Away plugin to manage all the stores of the network.

On-demand tech support

Our flagship service is the on-demand tech support and tutoring service, which is able to guarantee customized technical solution to solve your problem once and for all. Quality and precision are the core values of our services: this is why we offer our tutoring service, to train our customers into using their website the right way. Vivi Bistrot uses our services since 2017.