Midgar Records


Techno Music likes Minimal Design

Midgat Recors is a Berlin based music label with Italian roots. Its music derives from Detroit techno and evolves into new rythms and loops, spreading all over the Club scene in the german capital. For their website, we thought about the minimalistic nature of their music and artworks. Just the minimum amount of text allow the wonderful cover artworks to shine. Moreover there are only 5 menu items: techno is minimal in both sound and visuals.

Minimal, simple and functional

Custom tailored management interfaces to insert and edit content easily. For clients like Midgar Records, which like to manage the website by their own, we usually build easy to use management interfaces, with buil-in how-to’s. For example, adding a new artist it’s as easy as:

  • Fill the form with the artist’s details
  • Paste his SoundCloud URL
  • Click “Publish” and done!