Studio Legent


Professional at heart

Studio Legent is a legal firm that offers full-service legal assistance on the Italian territory from its headquarters in Rome. Studio Legent services innovate the traditional legal firm model and we were happy to design and comunicate their idea, by putting content and immediacy first. The homepage gives a clear sight at the firm’s strenghts and core values, covering all the branches of law, with specific interest in Penal and Civil law.

Custom content editing

All the content within the website can be edited or added by the firm’s team. Every section has been thought to simplify content editing so that it requires few steps, almost just needed to fill a form by following the built-in instructions. This applies to most of the represented content: the legal team adds and edits the raw content, while we’re busy in fine grain optimization for SEO purposes, such as text, keywords, images and other specific tags.