Plastico Film


The customer journey

Plastico Film is a Videomaking House in Berlin. It produces short films, commercials and music videos, also promoting itself through merchandise directly from the website we have developed for them.

The peculiarity that characterizes this website is the homepage, structured vertically calling the visitor’s journey. The slider shows at the beginning the main activity fields and it ends with the grid which displays videos and products. From the beginning to the end of the scrolling we guide the user in all the activities of Plastico.

The Plastico Film grid shows only images: a more detailed preview of the content appears on click (or tap), with minimal animations, created with precision to improve the user experience.

Your very own video platform

We developed a customized player to ensure a unique user experience. The whole video environment is based on actual YouTube data and it is managed by the client itself, without any need of further assistance on our side. This is made possible through the advanced management interfaces we carefully crafted with built-in information about their usage. In this way, everyone is able to update and edit content within its own website, as it is as easy as:

  • Fill the form with video details
  • Select the video category
  • Paste the Vimeo/Youtube link
  • Click “publish”!