Una sfida al top, senza precedenti

Newsdigitali is a IT review portal focused on smartphones, tablets and new technologies. They came to us with a great challenge: import all the records in the database, more than 200.000 entries between devices and custom fields, in a new ad-hoc structure that had to enable price and spec comparison too. Moreover, Newsdigitali needed to integrate several referral API platforms, such as Trovaprezzi, Amazon and Gearbest. An enticing project we realized with great pleasure!

One-click automatic import

Create a tech spec page is an annyoing task sometimes, that’s why we had to automatize the process. Just paste the link of the technical data sheet you need to import, click the button and TA DA! All the records are there on Newsdigitali. Moreover, our automatic text generation engine is able to customize the product description according to the selected market segment, while keeping the “custom” text field to allow editors optimize it further, when needed!