Tag24 + Radio Cusano Campus


Bring value to multimedia content

Tag24 is the online newspaper led by Niccolò Cusano Online University. Radio Cusano Campus it’s the university-owned FM Radio. The new website, designed by Umana Creative Studio, merges the two media contentes in a single online multimedia platform, integrating traditional news with podcasts and FM schedule, bringing new value to all the content channels.

Simple to undestand navigation, modern and unique design, easy-to-use admin interfaces – all managed by Unicusano comunication staff – are the key features of this big and spectacular project.

Data migration and standardization

Merging radiocusanocampus and tag24 was a data-based challenge. Tag24.it project keyword was informed data. Each program has its authors and conductors, it’s linked to its podcasts and time schedule. All the data is organized in a logic and semantic way. The data available on the provious platform, however, wasn’t reliable nor organized, with only few informations saved within the podcast’s filename. Importing the data into the new project was quite a challenge: we had to develop a script to recover as much informations as we could from those filenames. Looking at the result, however, it was worth it!

New project available

In 2022 we made the new Tag24 website, starting from scratch. Check it out!