E-commerce – Gesto Caffè

E-commerce • Gesto Caffè

Gesto is the first socially responsible coffee. It takes the simple gesture of drinking a coffee to something that can actually make a difference, donating part of its revenue to its no-profit partners. In this way any coffee you drink, it'll be for a good cause. To make Gesto's dreams come true, we went for ... Read more

Crowdfunding – LoveItaly

Crowdfunding • LoveItaly

LoveItaly is a no-profit association based in Rome. The charity aims at preserving italian cultural heritage by collecting funds for specific restoration project. Among funding events, showcases and other activities, the website is the heart of the association: a carefully crafted crowdfunding platform developed to exactly meet specific criteria. The website is the result of ... Read more

E-commerce – Vivibistrot

E-commerce • Vivibistrot

Vivi Bistrot is a famous chain of bio bistrot in Rome, Italy. From the original creation of the website in 2017 to its current version in 2021, we managed to research top-notch solutions providing ad-hoc functionalities, specifically built to the unique needs of this network of businesses. With the last update, we brought online the ... Read more

E-commerce – Oel-Berlin

E-commerce • Oel-Berlin

Oel Berlin is a Berlin based brand focused on the production of extra virgin olive oil. The e-commerce is focused on the product showcase and their production process that begins with the company's own olive groves in Greece. A mix between technology, nature and quality for a very strong "minimalistic" brand! Oel Berlin's product line ... Read more

E-commerce – Oels3gin

E-commerce • Oels3gin

Oels3gin is a German brand specialized in the production of a very peculiar gin with a scent of olive oil. It's a pretty unique product born through an innovative process, thus it needed a similarly unique one-product shop, with a straightforward customer journey with no distractions other than the main path: to buy a Gin ... Read more

E-commerce – Top Light Expert

E-commerce • Top Light Expert

Top Light Expert is a company focused on selling high technology LED grow lamps. The carefully selected product range consists in few, very specific models, thus the e-commerce had to be oversimplified on two ends, both the purchase experience and the order management. TLE had a very short timeframe to be online, so we worked ... Read more

Website – Teatro Verde

Website • Teatro Verde

The Teatro Verde in Rome is the roman family and school theatre par excellence. All the people that go or have gone to school in Rome have been at the Teatro Verde at least one time! We developed the website, designed by Umana Creative Studio, by adding advanced functionality to it: the Teatro Verde team ... Read more

E-commerce – Vivipicnic

E-commerce • Vivipicnic

Think about a picnic in the heart of Rome's most beautiful parks. Well, now it's possible, thanks to the ecommerce we developed for Vivi PicNic. Vivi PicNic is a one-of-its-kind service: customize your picnic basket, select your preferred location between the most beautiful parks in Rome, select the date and wait for it on the ... Read more

E-commerce – Cannapa

E-commerce • Cannapa

Cannapa is an italian company leader in the CBD cannabis and products market. The company not only sells its own product, but it's even committed into spreading informations about the cannabis world in a correct and unbiased way. Their e-commerce website it's not really a purchase-only oriented website, but a full fledged cannabis magazine where ... Read more