Support & Tutorship

The professional tech support you are looking for

Many companies choose to manage the website or e-commerce by themselves, which is just fine. That’s a kind of challenge you should accept as mandatory, because it lowers your costs. However, sometimes some tasks can be tricky to accomplish, and some issues hard to solve: this is where we make a difference!

Tutorship will make your company more efficient

When an employee performs a task in an incorrect way, that way often becomes the “way of doing”. Talking about web assets, this can often lead to failure. Our job is to fix those bad habits: we’ll make an easy to follow video tutorial anytime it’ll be necessary. After a while, you’ll have a comprehensive knowledge base useful to train new employees!

One Shot

Fixing single problems

  • This is a one-shot package to solve one issue on your website
  • WordPress & WooCommerce specialists
  • Just name the issue, we’re solving it
  • If we cannot solve it, we’ll refund 100%
  • No renewals
  • Give us a try!


Most popular!

  • Includes 10 Hours of dedicated support
  • WordPress & WooCommerce Specialists
  • Best choice if you have more that one issue
  • Video tutorial included
  • New functionalities included
  • Detailed task/job report
  • Can be auto renewed
  • Prority support on 1st tier

Full Service

Complete support

  • Dedicated tech support for 1 year
  • WordPress & WooCommerce specialists
  • Will solve all your problems
  • Video tutorials included
  • New functionalities included
  • Dedicated knowledge base portal for your company
  • Priority support on 2nd tier