Sauce Library • A WordPress Plugin

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A powerful development tool

Sauce Library is a WordPress plugin that will reduce development time

When starting a new project, it’s mandatory to correctly manage timings. We at Sito.Express collected all the shortcuts, helper functions and useful tricks we use to enhance the final product, making development more fun.

Sauce Library is the collection of javascript functions, CSS classes and tools that we use most.

A great potential in a small plugin

Sauce Library is lightweight and it saves the day

A lot of tools are enclosed in a very small package: this is the secret, as we didn’t want to use overcharged libraries. Sauce Library only loads what we need.

Moreover, all the small libraries of our choice are loaded via a public CDN to give an additional boost.

Sauce Library is available on GitHub

Sauce Library is fully compatible with BasilPress and it’s Open Source software available on GitHub.

Integrated Modals and Popups

Popup System is Sauce Library module dedicated to modal and popup creation. It allows to insert simple but effective modals with rich content that is made visible to search engines too.

Single-box Accordion

Longer Box is Sauce Library’s module responsible for creating basic single-box accordions of variable height that opens with a smooth and stutter free animation.

Selector-based activation

Most Sauce Library’s modules can be activated via self-explanatory CSS selectors, while specific keys can be used to easily pass parameters such as height and width.