Sito Web – Pietro Barone

Sito Web • Pietro Barone

Pietro Barone: art director, graphic designer and illustrator We created the website for him: a real showcase that showcases the artist's best illustrations and graphic compositions in a rigorous grid. Specialized in brand and corporate identity, he trained by studying the major currents of the Bauhaus, Constructivism and Futurism. A collaboration from which we have ... Read more

Website – ViVi 2023

Website • ViVi 2023

ViVi represents a way to eat and enjoy healthy and sustainable food. Our collaboration with the biovicious world by ViVi has seen us engaged this time in the definition of the UX and in the development of the new website, characterized by a modern interface and original visual effects. We focused on the navigation patterns ... Read more

UX + Brand – Lventure Group

UX + Brand • Lventure Group

LVenture Group is a Venture Capital company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. It invests in digital startups and accelerates the development process starting from the first ideas, to the market, through its own LUISS EnLabs accelerator. For LVG we created a web-centric design system, coming to define the UX/UI model of the corporate website.

UX + Brand – New Tag24

UX + Brand • New Tag24

We moved on to design only after analyzing the users flow and statistics. The new layout of the website was a direct consequence of the desired user experience, established upstream by analyzing user behavior and the objectives sought. The intention was to create a newspaper that could compare itself with the others at a national ... Read more

E-commerce – Gesto Caffè

E-commerce • Gesto Caffè

Gesto is the first socially responsible coffee. It takes the simple gesture of drinking a coffee to something that can actually make a difference, donating part of its revenue to its no-profit partners. In this way any coffee you drink, it'll be for a good cause. To make Gesto's dreams come true, we went for ... Read more

Brand – Scuola Benessere

Brand • Scuola Benessere

Scuola Benessere is the trademark of a famous wellness school. We took care of the naming and the brand identity to arrive at the information material and the website of the institute, starting from the students' stories and the values that the school must transmit. Scuola Benessere is aimed at young people who are looking ... Read more

Crowdfunding – LoveItaly

Crowdfunding • LoveItaly

LoveItaly is a no-profit association based in Rome. The charity aims at preserving italian cultural heritage by collecting funds for specific restoration project. Among funding events, showcases and other activities, the website is the heart of the association: a carefully crafted crowdfunding platform developed to exactly meet specific criteria. The website is the result of ... Read more

Website – Capodarco Formazione

Website • Capodarco Formazione

Capodarco Formazione is a well known educational social enterprise in Rome. It's an institution accredited to the official Lazio Region list with over 15 years of experience. It offers professional courses for adults, young people and young people with disabilities, distinguishing itself for the high added value, thanks to a staff of high level and ... Read more

Brand – Top Light Expert

Brand • Top Light Expert

Top Light Expert is a company specializing in the marketing of lamps with LED technology. Communicating reliability in an emerging sector such as that of LED lamps for phyto-lighting is a demanding challenge: something iconic, not obvious, that immediately gave a precise indication was needed. A circle, a square, as in an LED diode, so ... Read more

Plugin – Sauce Library

Plugin • Sauce Library

Sauce Library is a Wordpress plugin that will reduce development time When starting a new project, it's mandatory to correctly manage timings. We at Sito.Express collected all the shortcuts, helper functions and useful tricks we use to enhance the final product, making development more fun. Sauce Library is the collection of javascript functions, CSS classes ... Read more

Theme – BasilPress

Theme • BasilPress

BasilPress is a WordPress child theme for GeneratePress, the foundation of all our projects. As a writer begins a book on a blank paper, an artist starts its next painting from a clean canvas and a sculptor from a pure block of white marble, our developers take the white and neutral appearence of BasilPress and ... Read more

Website – New Tag24

Website • New Tag24

Tag24 is the professional online newspaper by Niccolò Cusano University, now represented by the Cusano Media Group. We had to rebuild the newspaper identity almost from scratch  and we went for a data-driven process able to increase success rate. This meant to define project guidelines from actual website usage/user flow data and it proved to ... Read more

Brand – Studio Legent

Brand • Studio Legent

Legent is the new full service law firm in Rome. The studio hired us to create its own brand identity, wanting to communicate its values in a strong, correct and professional way. From the name to the pictogram, everything has been studied in detail. The new brand communicates reliability and freedom through references to the ... Read more

Website – Scuola Benessere

Website • Scuola Benessere

Scuola Benessere is the new brand of a famous roman professional school. Their new website was born to collect lead, while communicating useful information on the courses available during the application period. We've followed every step of the designing process. From brand identity to web design, our aim was to make things simple and easy ... Read more

Plugin – MyCIA WordPress

Plugin • MyCIA WordPress

MyCIA is an innovative service enabling easy online menu management for your restaurant. It's currently used by thousands of restaurateurs, as it transforms menu management into a very simple task, making it shareable via a simple link: an ideal and cost-effective solution during the covid-19 outbreak. Few people know that MyCIA under-the-hood engine is WordPress ... Read more

Plugin – Octopus WP

Plugin • Octopus WP

Octopus Restaurant System is amongst the most advanced management and control systems for restaurants. It's developed by Random Research, a BrainTeam Group branch, and it's widely utilized in the market, allowing a complete, digital management of your restaurant by virtually satisfying any customer need Octopus WP is our unofficial and indipendent integration for WooCommerce focused ... Read more

E-commerce – Vivibistrot

E-commerce • Vivibistrot

Vivi Bistrot is a famous chain of bio bistrot in Rome, Italy. From the original creation of the website in 2017 to its current version in 2021, we managed to research top-notch solutions providing ad-hoc functionalities, specifically built to the unique needs of this network of businesses. With the last update, we brought online the ... Read more

Website – Libro dei giorni speciali

Website • Libro dei giorni speciali is a project for the italian Ronald McDonald House Charity. We developed the website by following the requests of Made in Genesi, an advertising agency based in Rome which was head of the project, achieving a result where the UI simplicity is enriched by the marvellous illustrations by Pietro Barone. The most challenging feature ... Read more

Website – Umana Creative Studio

Website • Umana Creative Studio

Umana Creative Studio is a creative agency in Rome. Their website focuses on one single word, which is at the same time the main characteristic of the agency: creativity. The visitor is thrown in a new dimension, living a different experience where informations and services are rich in colors and animations! All the website's animation ... Read more

Website – Tag24

Website • Tag24

Tag24 is the online newspaper led by Niccolò Cusano Online University. Radio Cusano Campus it's the university-owned FM Radio. The new website, designed by Umana Creative Studio, merges the two media contentes in a single online multimedia platform, integrating traditional news with podcasts and FM schedule, bringing new value to all the content channels. Simple ... Read more

E-commerce – Oel-Berlin

E-commerce • Oel-Berlin

Oel Berlin is a Berlin based brand focused on the production of extra virgin olive oil. The e-commerce is focused on the product showcase and their production process that begins with the company's own olive groves in Greece. A mix between technology, nature and quality for a very strong "minimalistic" brand! Oel Berlin's product line ... Read more

Website – CBD Heroes

Website • CBD Heroes

CBD Heroes is the new cannabis light line by We had to showcase the new product line in time for a business fair by being innovative, with a strong communication. What's better than and HTML5 animation that composes the homepage above-the-fold section? The three-section product screen revives the brand comic-looking design, with subtle and ... Read more

E-commerce – Oels3gin

E-commerce • Oels3gin

Oels3gin is a German brand specialized in the production of a very peculiar gin with a scent of olive oil. It's a pretty unique product born through an innovative process, thus it needed a similarly unique one-product shop, with a straightforward customer journey with no distractions other than the main path: to buy a Gin ... Read more

Plugin – Vivistores

Plugin • Vivistores

Vivi Stores is the plugin we have developed for Vivibistrot, the famous chain of organic bistrot in Rome. The plugin was born to manage the Delivery and TakeAway orders for the whole Vivi Bistrot network and it's custom tailored to the very specific needs of the company, both operational and administrative. Vivibistrot's picnics packages are ... Read more

Website – Newsdigitali

Website • Newsdigitali

Newsdigitali is a IT review portal focused on smartphones, tablets and new technologies. They came to us with a great challenge: import all the records in the database, more than 200.000 entries between devices and custom fields, in a new ad-hoc structure that had to enable price and spec comparison too. Moreover, Newsdigitali needed to ... Read more

Website – Domosushi

Website • Domosushi

Domosushi is a well known japanese restaurant in the Trieste district of Rome. It quickly became an institution, just few months after the inauguration, which brought jugglers and japanese tradition to fuse together in a spectaculat mashup. The website showcases all the peculiarities of the japanese cuisine by making the most of every single dish.

Website – Dulcamara

Website • Dulcamara

Dulcamara is a famous restaurant and cocktail bar in Rome. It needed to show to the visitors the location and the dishes offered, thus we created a website that specifically showcases the restaurant's top features by selecting the best images. Umana Creative Studio took care of the website design. Dulcamara is visited by any kind ... Read more

Website – Made it easy

Website • Made it easy

Made it Easy is an Italian advertising agency based in Rome. We developed the website by showcasing the most relevant information, such as the team, the company portfolio and the various creative services offered. The website has been optimized and adapted to be responsive on any device, as it's nowadays required by current technology standards, ... Read more

Website – Mani in Pasta

Website • Mani in Pasta

Mani in Pasta is a pasta company based in Berlin, but Italian at heart. The company holds both restaurant and an online shop where it's possible to buy their hand made pasta. The website has been designed by caring a lot of the single page structure thus focusing on user interaction by carefully defining few ... Read more

Website – Dimistris Tzamouranis

Website • Dimistris Tzamouranis

Dimitris Tzamouranis is a greek artist with extraordinary abilities, as his iper realistic paintings demonstrate. We created a website able to make his work shine, enhancing some aspects of the paintings such as the very peculiar light usage by chosing a black background with a dark color palette, in conjuction with a classic typography. In ... Read more

Website – PiumaFilm

Website • PiumaFilm

Piumafilm is a video production agency based in Rome. It's focused on awareness campaigns and institutional video for public held and/or huge companies and corporations: if you live in Italy, you may already have seen some of their videos. The website aim was to promote their portfolio. When you need to showcase many videos, it's ... Read more

E-commerce – Top Light Expert

E-commerce • Top Light Expert

Top Light Expert is a company focused on selling high technology LED grow lamps. The carefully selected product range consists in few, very specific models, thus the e-commerce had to be oversimplified on two ends, both the purchase experience and the order management. TLE had a very short timeframe to be online, so we worked ... Read more

Website – Vivileserre

Website • Vivileserre

Le Serre is the brand new ViVi Bistrot location in Rome. It features an exclusive cuisine, where exotic ingredients are fused together with traditional preparation in order to deliver marvelous, sustainable and healthy recipes. The website put together the peculiarity of the location - an old glasshouse - with the colorful and tempting look of ... Read more

Website – Andania

Website • Andania

Andania is a German company that sells extra virgin olive oil produced from Greek olives. We developed their website following a very peculiar and unique layout, strongly wanted by the team. The result is a unique precisely crafted website that will impress visitors. Andania products content is automatically synced from the company group's main website, ... Read more

Website – The Right Person

Website • The Right Person

The Right Person is a professional consulting firm based in Rome. We developed their website by sticking to the client's design guidelines, following a very specific communication paradigma defined by the company's Art Director. The final result is a mix between classic and modern styles, in search for the right person! Services, projects, team and ... Read more

Website – Teatro Verde

Website • Teatro Verde

The Teatro Verde in Rome is the roman family and school theatre par excellence. All the people that go or have gone to school in Rome have been at the Teatro Verde at least one time! We developed the website, designed by Umana Creative Studio, by adding advanced functionality to it: the Teatro Verde team ... Read more

Website – Unicusano

Website • Unicusano

Unicusano is between the most important private universities in Rome. Its blog tells to more than 120.000 visitors the features, topics and peculiarities of its courses, offering a direct informal channel to gather important informationa. The new website, developed on the design made by Umana Creative Studio, enhances the user experience and makes it simple ... Read more

E-commerce – Vivipicnic

E-commerce • Vivipicnic

Think about a picnic in the heart of Rome's most beautiful parks. Well, now it's possible, thanks to the ecommerce we developed for Vivi PicNic. Vivi PicNic is a one-of-its-kind service: customize your picnic basket, select your preferred location between the most beautiful parks in Rome, select the date and wait for it on the ... Read more

E-commerce – Cannapa

E-commerce • Cannapa

Cannapa is an italian company leader in the CBD cannabis and products market. The company not only sells its own product, but it's even committed into spreading informations about the cannabis world in a correct and unbiased way. Their e-commerce website it's not really a purchase-only oriented website, but a full fledged cannabis magazine where ... Read more

Sito Web – GrowerSolutions

Sito Web • GrowerSolutions

GrowerSolutions is a leading manufacturer specialized in innovative led grow lights. Given the peculiarity of their products, we focused on the technology advantages they brought to the user by creating three possible customer journey paths directly on the homepage, with precisely designed call to actions. Be modern, be simple, be content. LED technology can be ... Read more

Sito Web – Studio Legent

Sito Web • Studio Legent

Studio Legent is a legal firm that offers full-service legal assistance on the Italian territory from its headquarters in Rome. Studio Legent services innovate the traditional legal firm model and we were happy to design and comunicate their idea, by putting content and immediacy first. The homepage gives a clear sight at the firm's strenghts ... Read more

Website – RB Ceramiche

Website • RB Ceramiche

RB Ceramiche is an italian company focused on high quality porcelain stoneware made in Mantova. It has strong international relationship, especially in Europe, and abroad. Their stoneware is characterized by original and geometric graphic patterns, often mimicking other materials, which are rendered at best in their professional rendering and photographic sets. This is why we ... Read more

Sito Web – DS & Associati

Sito Web • DS & Associati

DS & Associato is a legal firm based in Rome. The homepage is ofter the first contact with your visitors: this is why we've summed up all the main informations on the legal firm within the box layout just below the header image. In this way, all potential client will be able to find the ... Read more

Sito Web – Aphonia Booking

Sito Web • Aphonia Booking

Aphonia Booking is a Berlin based Booking Agency. It promotes the best techno music artists out in Berlin city. We created a website to show their roster of artists. The single artist pages shows the most relevant information on a single window, allowing for fast and complete artist checkup for those interested into booking him, ... Read more

Sito Web – Midgar Records

Sito Web • Midgar Records

Midgat Recors is a Berlin based music label with Italian roots. Its music derives from Detroit techno and evolves into new rythms and loops, spreading all over the Club scene in the german capital. For their website, we thought about the minimalistic nature of their music and artworks. Just the minimum amount of text allow ... Read more

Website – Plastico Film

Website • Plastico Film

Plastico Film is a Videomaking House in Berlin. It produces short films, commercials and music videos, also promoting itself through merchandise directly from the website we have developed for them. The peculiarity that characterizes this website is the homepage, structured vertically calling the visitor's journey. The slider shows at the beginning the main activity fields ... Read more

Website – Flambé Agency

Website • Flambé Agency

Flambé Agency is an innovative catering agency, based in Berlin. It represents a network of chefs who can be hired for private events. Being a local business, the website was created to make clear the service offered. We have therefore focused everything on simplicity, both in the organization of the webiset and in its design.

Website – Cantiere Barca

Website • Cantiere Barca

Cantiere Barca is a youth center on the outskirts of Turin, with specific needs due to its innovative nature. This is the reason why we have agreed with the Cantiere Barca Association on every single detail about the website: from the need to tell their own story, to the need to start fundraising through a ... Read more