About Sito.Express

Sito.Express gives clear and effective answers to any brand’s facing the web challenge thanks to its extensive experience

Francesco Fortino · Founder

I’m a 360 ° professional capable of managing all phases from zero to launch, coordinating UX / UI design, development, SEO and Marketing in a complex strategy that leaves nothing to chance.

I’m a self taught coder, while I’ve studied Industrial design and Comunication, later specializing in Systemic Design. During my 15 years of experience I have collaborated with digital agencies, taught professional courses and training in companies.

Direct contact with the client allows me to solve real problems, determining the success of the project.

Francesco Fortino - Sito.Express

Website • ViVi 2023

ViVi represents a way to eat and enjoy healthy and sustainable food. Our collaboration with the biovicious world by ViVi has seen us engaged this time in the definition of the UX and in the development of the new website, characterized by a modern interface and original visual effects. We focused on the navigation patterns … Read more

UX + Brand • New Tag24

We moved on to design only after analyzing the users flow and statistics. The new layout of the website was a direct consequence of the desired user experience, established upstream by analyzing user behavior and the objectives sought. The intention was to create a newspaper that could compare itself with the others at a national … Read more

E-commerce • Gesto Caffè

Gesto is the first socially responsible coffee. It takes the simple gesture of drinking a coffee to something that can actually make a difference, donating part of its revenue to its no-profit partners. In this way any coffee you drink, it’ll be for a good cause. To make Gesto’s dreams come true, we went for … Read more

Brand • Scuola Benessere

Scuola Benessere is the trademark of a famous wellness school. We took care of the naming and the brand identity to arrive at the information material and the website of the institute, starting from the students’ stories and the values that the school must transmit. Scuola Benessere is aimed at young people who are looking … Read more

Why should you hire us?

Because we’re good, people says

We’ve faced challenges that may be hard to explain: let’s say we fought monsters, defeated bad knights and killed many witches.

It’s our experience that made us good in solving problem. We’re so good that sometimes other web agencies call us as they cannot solve their own problems: that’s why not all the website we make have our name on it.

Last but not least, we cut the bullshit. There are really no other words for it.

With us, you have the chance to cut the chain. No overtelling, no overhead, no funny stories. We won’t let you down, as we just work, good.

MVP focused approach

“One size fits all” does not exist

From the huge news portal, going down to the small showcase website, we have learnt that method comes with experience: that’s why we’re focused on building MVPs, as its the only way to make things work.

We’ll look ahead from mid to long term, tailoring an online strategy for you, only if that’s what you need. Otherwise, we’ll start from the basics, because maybe a small landing page is exactly your match.

This is what an MVP is. Your idea is the vision, we have the tools to build it. To make it a Product, we must be together.