Themes + Plugins

Plugin – Sauce Library

Plugin • Sauce Library

Sauce Library is a Wordpress plugin that will reduce development time When starting a new project, it's mandatory to correctly manage timings. We at Sito.Express collected all the shortcuts, helper functions and useful tricks we use to enhance the final product, making development more fun. Sauce Library is the collection of javascript functions, CSS classes ... Read more

Theme – BasilPress

Theme • BasilPress

BasilPress is a WordPress child theme for GeneratePress, the foundation of all our projects. As a writer begins a book on a blank paper, an artist starts its next painting from a clean canvas and a sculptor from a pure block of white marble, our developers take the white and neutral appearence of BasilPress and ... Read more

Plugin – MyCIA WordPress

Plugin • MyCIA WordPress

MyCIA is an innovative service enabling easy online menu management for your restaurant. It's currently used by thousands of restaurateurs, as it transforms menu management into a very simple task, making it shareable via a simple link: an ideal and cost-effective solution during the covid-19 outbreak. Few people know that MyCIA under-the-hood engine is WordPress ... Read more

Plugin – Octopus WP

Plugin • Octopus WP

Octopus Restaurant System is amongst the most advanced management and control systems for restaurants. It's developed by Random Research, a BrainTeam Group branch, and it's widely utilized in the market, allowing a complete, digital management of your restaurant by virtually satisfying any customer need Octopus WP is our unofficial and indipendent integration for WooCommerce focused ... Read more

Plugin – Vivistores

Plugin • Vivistores

Vivi Stores is the plugin we have developed for Vivibistrot, the famous chain of organic bistrot in Rome. The plugin was born to manage the Delivery and TakeAway orders for the whole Vivi Bistrot network and it's custom tailored to the very specific needs of the company, both operational and administrative. Vivibistrot's picnics packages are ... Read more