We are the first to create Armando Testa’s Open To Wonder campaign with Midjourney, an artificial intelligence

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We have all seen the new campaign of the Italian Ministry of Tourism, by Armando Testa, with the task of relaunching Italy in the world as a destination to visit. Campaign with a (modest) cost of 9 million Euros according to initial estimates. Wow, cool you all say. They will have entrusted the task to the best graphic designers, advertisers and planners in Italy and they will surely have come up with an amazing idea!

Sure. Right?

Many said that AI could have done it better

Of course. They could do it, it wouldn’t have been entirely difficult. It would not even have been easy to tell the truth because it would have led to controversy and in any case guaranteeing homogeneity of the model is not trivial using Midjourney for example. However, other notes can be given to the project, perhaps less cringe. It could be an innovation (never happen, moderates are afraid of innovation, conservatives don’t talk about it).

But we always use innovation. So…

We created the OPEN TO MERAVIGLIA campaign with the artificial intelligence of Midjourney V5

Quickly, like this, to see the effect it has. The result can be found below.

Italia open to meraviglia Lake Como by midjourney
This is our Venus of Botticelli eating a pizza on Lake Como at sunset.
Italia open to meraviglia colosseo by midjourney
Here, on the other hand, you cycle to the Colosseum. Rome, Lazio. How do you say? Is an arm missing? Naaaaaaaaaah
Italia open to meraviglia polignano a mare by midjourney
Ahhh how beautiful Puglia is! Let’s go dancing in puglia puglia pugliaaaaaaahhh
Here we are in Venice, in front of the Duomo and the Campanile (are you sure it’s them? Meh, overall more or less…)
Italia open to meraviglia jeans by midjourney
And finally, here’s our favourite: a braggart Venus who flexes badly in jeans.

Open to Meraviglia

The Ministry of Tourism’s Open To Wonder campaign opens with a Venus of Botticelli cut out and vaguely photoshopped in various poses: dressed in jeans (our favorite, because it lacks any sense), in front of the Colosseum on a bicycle or while eating a pizza in front of the lake como (who then why should he eat a Neapolitan pizza in front of lake Como? Dunno!).

Here are all of them below because they would be beautiful if we hadn’t paid for them with our own money.

Open to Meraviglia - Mangia una pizza
Here Botticelli’s Venus smiles and eats a real Neapolitan pizza on Lake Como. Besides, why not?
Open to Meraviglia - Guida la bicicletta
Here instead he brings a bicycle in front of the coliseum on the cobblestones. Convenient activity.
Open to Meraviglia - Venere di Botticelli al mare a Polignano
Here is always our Botticelli Venus in Polignano al Mare taking a picture on the rocks.
Open to Meraviglia - Venere di Botticelli al mare a Polignano
Here is a Venetian Venus by Botticelli in front of the Campanile of San Marco in Venice.
This is our favourite: a Venus in 90s jeans. Bella Bella Bella.

What do you think?

We don’t mind them. It took us half a day and about $3 in MidJourney V5 credit.

We did not use WhatsApp to share these images!

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