WordPress 6.1 and WPML: update with caution

WordPress 6.1 was released only few days ago. This new update brings huge improvements from both editor/designer and development perspectives, enhancing the loved-hated-(really-hated) Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) and at the same time boosting WordPress performances by implementing a new persistent object cache layer that automatically intercepts and saves any WP_Query instance. WP_Query cache and WPML … Read more

Contact Form 7 refill & cached pages: how to optimize page load timing

Contact Form 7 is one of the best WordPress plugins when it comes at creating contact forms. The reasons behind its success have deep roots in its technical specs: Contact Form 7 is an essential plugin in its aesthetic, yet very powerfull for those who understand code and the underlying logics. This makes CF7 flexible, … Read more

WPML Browser Language Redirect & Canonical: how to break all your SEO

WPML is the most popular plugin to make WordPress a multilingual CMS: hate it or love it, it still is the one of the few complete suites to translate any detail in your website, making a good job by itself, without the need of any third-party software as, for example, its cousin Polylang. Sito.Express went … Read more

How to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on a shared server using acme.sh

How to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on a shared hosting that does not support any “automatic” click-and-install method? SSL Certificates became almost mandatory for most websites since Google decided to reward websites using the secure HTTPS protocol, penalizing the others with security warnings that could intimidate users. After few month other browsers, such … Read more

How to build a carousel with Slick.js by just adding a CSS class to our Page Builder row element

We could often need to create a mixed content carousel (images, text, more). A carousel is in fact similar to a slider displaying more than one slide at once. In this post, we’ll see how to add a carousel to our website, by just adding a CSS class to our Page Builder row element. This … Read more

DV, OV, EV SSL Certificates: what’s the difference

DV, EV, OV SSL Certificates: many different types and prices, but what’s the actual difference? Sure, SSL Certificates brought some confusion in the eyes of the typical web user. Let’s make a brief summary to understand why it’s important to have a SSL certificate installed on our hosting/domain and why it’s become increasingly important since … Read more