Sito Web – Pietro Barone

Sito Web • Pietro Barone

Pietro Barone: art director, graphic designer and illustrator We created the website for him: a real showcase that showcases the artist's best illustrations and graphic compositions in a rigorous grid. Specialized in brand and corporate identity, he trained by studying the major currents of the Bauhaus, Constructivism and Futurism. A collaboration from which we have ... Read more

Website – Dimistris Tzamouranis

Website • Dimistris Tzamouranis

Dimitris Tzamouranis is a greek artist with extraordinary abilities, as his iper realistic paintings demonstrate. We created a website able to make his work shine, enhancing some aspects of the paintings such as the very peculiar light usage by chosing a black background with a dark color palette, in conjuction with a classic typography. In ... Read more

Website – Teatro Verde

Website • Teatro Verde

The Teatro Verde in Rome is the roman family and school theatre par excellence. All the people that go or have gone to school in Rome have been at the Teatro Verde at least one time! We developed the website, designed by Umana Creative Studio, by adding advanced functionality to it: the Teatro Verde team ... Read more