Brand – Scuola Benessere

Brand • Scuola Benessere

Scuola Benessere is the trademark of a famous wellness school. We took care of the naming and the brand identity to arrive at the information material and the website of the institute, starting from the students' stories and the values that the school must transmit. Scuola Benessere is aimed at young people who are looking ... Read more

Website – Capodarco Formazione

Website • Capodarco Formazione

Capodarco Formazione is a well known educational social enterprise in Rome. It's an institution accredited to the official Lazio Region list with over 15 years of experience. It offers professional courses for adults, young people and young people with disabilities, distinguishing itself for the high added value, thanks to a staff of high level and ... Read more

Website – Scuola Benessere

Website • Scuola Benessere

Scuola Benessere is the new brand of a famous roman professional school. Their new website was born to collect lead, while communicating useful information on the courses available during the application period. We've followed every step of the designing process. From brand identity to web design, our aim was to make things simple and easy ... Read more

Website – Libro dei giorni speciali

Website • Libro dei giorni speciali is a project for the italian Ronald McDonald House Charity. We developed the website by following the requests of Made in Genesi, an advertising agency based in Rome which was head of the project, achieving a result where the UI simplicity is enriched by the marvellous illustrations by Pietro Barone. The most challenging feature ... Read more

Website – Teatro Verde

Website • Teatro Verde

The Teatro Verde in Rome is the roman family and school theatre par excellence. All the people that go or have gone to school in Rome have been at the Teatro Verde at least one time! We developed the website, designed by Umana Creative Studio, by adding advanced functionality to it: the Teatro Verde team ... Read more